Otandastar training hall opened in Nur-Sultan

The electronic version of the World of Kazakhs book was presented at the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. The book contains the works of foreign writers about the Kazakh diaspora as well as the works of Kazakhs who were repressed in 1937 until1938 and returned to their historical homeland. The book is also made in a digital format so that it can be learned by anyone worldwide. Recently, the Otandastar learning hall was opened in the library, where visitors can study the literary works of ethnic Kazakhs. More than 2,000 books collected in the foundation will be digitized based on the technical base of the Kazakh National Electronic Library.

“We will continue our work. We hope that we will get support. The main unique feature of our project is that all the books collected in the library were digitized and are available online. This means that anyone, who has a phone and Internet access, can read them. Before implementing this project, we conducted a survey and found out what books our readers would like to read,” said Vice President, Otandastar Foundation, Magauiya Sarbasov. 

“Internet users from more than 100 countries can visit our Kazakh National Electronic Library. The works of our writers who are living abroad were collected and are made available to everyone. The library has a broad range of subjects – literature, ethnography, and history are among them,” emphasized Head of electronic resources, Kazakh National Academic Library, Saulesh Nazirova.

Photo: inform.kz