Student Created Bio-indicator of Freshness of Food

A school student in Petropavlovsk created a bio-indicator that determines the freshness of food products. The safety of food consumption is known within five minutes by using the indicator. The product is considered safe to be consumed if the indicator does not change color.

The 11th-grade student, Nabi Gali, and his supervisor have spent almost six months working on the project. The young inventor said that the bio-indicator is the first in Kazakhstan. However, there are similar indicators that are being used in many countries. The student believed that his project will be useful to both consumers and food producers. He planned to sell the bio-indicator to dairy factories.

“We have to complete the project in the future. More stabilizers are needed. Therefore, we need to patent the project. We want to sell our bio-indicators to companies that will install them on the packages of their products. This will help to reduce their losses and expenses. It is cheaper to pay for such packaging rather than controlling the expiration dates,” Gali said.