First Electronic Contract was Signed between Russia and Kazakhstan

Documentolog electronic document management system and The Mellows communication agency have signed an agreement, marking Russia and Kazakhstan’s first signed electronic contract. The agreement, which was signed in the Doculite cloud system, allows the two parties to exchange legally relevant electronic documents regardless of wherever they physically are.

The Russian party said that the Documentolog solutions provide fast and smooth transfer to a paperless system.

“The main advantage of the Documentolog for us is the seamless integration, which we consider as the most prioritized system. The transition to the electronic document management system is very fast with this service. No additional training is required for our employees on how to use this system because it is easily understandable and simple. The system has an easy design and it can operate during the same day that it is installed when all the basic settings are set,” said Director of The Mellows Agency, Ivan Pachko.

Meanwhile, Konnov Media Agency is also transitioning to the electronic document management system. The agency has chosen Documentolog out of the all tested programs. The agency has seen an increase in its work efficiency with the system.

“In public relations, it is very important to provide feedback very fast to a client. If the client submitted the form today, we have to provide response by tomorrow. We manage to do this in just a few hours using the Documentolog system. It helps to reduce the workload by 15 percent to 20 percent. This is an excellent indicator for us,” said General Director of Konnov Media, Andrei Konnov.

Documentolog Company takes the leading position in its field in the Kazakhstan market. The company is also the first to implement the electronic document exchange system for state bodies.