Nur-Sultan Hosted International IOT Forum Kazakhstan 2019

Digital transformation of state activity, technological transformation of production, housing and communal services automation, development of financial technologies and security of “smart cities” are practical achievements of the Internet of Things in Kazakhstan. These achievements were presented at the International IoT Forum in Nur-Sultan.

The event was attended by experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the Commonwealth of Independent States as well as Central Asian countries. The participants included world inventors of smart-technologies, experts and professionals who are ready to share and exchange experience of introducing the IOT in different areas with Kazakhstan.

“Kazakhstan is rapidly developing. First of all, one of the biggest problems in data transmission is distance. In terms of Central Asia, it is way easier to make this all because of the short distances. Kazakhstan will have much more investments, but at the same time the experience will be unique. This is a good platform for networking, since the topic is not easy involving development of network of the new generation and, in general, development of the Internet of Things,” said Director of IT-Park in Tatarstan, Anton Grachev.

Mining companies look for new opportunities for the IOT development as well. Representatives of the mining companies said that usage of such technologies in the production processes of industrial enterprises is an important factor of growth in the competitiveness of goods, services, and the success of the companies.

“From the perspective of mining industry, digital transformation is one of the most important criteria for success. For example, the new tools will allow the management team to monitor and make decisions faster and more effectively. This is an important segment of the business. The temperature, the number of rotations or other indicators are crucial to our business; again, this is a great factor that will allow us to save time, reduce deadlines and apply quick decision-making,” said IT-Director of Mining Company, Alexander Grevtsev.

For the third year in a row, the forum has been a unique platform for the dialogue and cooperation between the government and business sector on the development of digital economy and digital transformation of the industry. This year, more than 20 investment companies have shown their interest in this forum.