Documentolog Company has Introduced New Developments

The Documentolog company has introduced its new developments - the AI.Sulu artificial intelligence module and the Documentolog office app. The new products were presented at the Documentolog Technology Conference in Nur-Sultan.

Latest trends in the electronic document management system were discussed at the event.

“The intelligent virtual assistant, AI.Sulu will help users in making decisions. For example, it can advise to whom the users should send the particular document and who has previously dealt with this issue. Documentolog Office will allow users to do all the work in one interface without needing to switch to other apps,” said Head of Product Development of Documentolog LLP, Mariyam Amanbekova.

The Documentolog Technology Conference was held for the second time. At this event, clients of the company shared their results taken from the effect of using process automation system using a domestic platform, Documentolog.

“We have implemented 33 processes within one year and seven months of cooperation with Documentolog. Simply put, that will be 88 trees. This will save more than one million sheets of paper,” said Managing Directol for Personnel of Kazpost JSC, Akmaral Naizabekova.

Topics such as ensuring information security, international electronic documentation procedure, external services automation, correspondents with government agencies and many more were discussed at the conference. Representatives of more than 300 companies took part in the event.

Today, more than 7,000 companies are using the Documentolog services.