Kazakh Developer Documentolog Enters Russian Market

Kazakh developer of the electronic document management system and business automation process, Documentolog took part in the Electronic Data Interchange EDI Market – 2019 conference as the main partner. The company presented two of its products at once at the forum. These are flagship platform Documentolog and the lite version of the system Doculite.

“We have a lot of groundwork which can be interesting for Russian business. We see that the understanding of the workflow in Russia is different from ours. Speaking in terms of functionality, our solution is very competitive with those that are in the market at the moment,” said General Director of Documentolog Company, Baizhan Kanafin.

The Documentolog service is used by 7,000 enterprises including national holdings, state and private companies of various industries, which in total are more than 300,000 users.

“Starting from 2020, all financial reporting including tax and accounting in Russia will be accepted only in the electronic format. A special market demand is being created here. First of all, compact mobile solutions in a box format are being developed for businesses as quickly as possible, and it can be used to help lead to tangible optimization figures in a short period of time. The Documentolog company specializes in providing fast solutions to our customers,” said Creative Director of The Melows Company, Ivan Pachko.

Currently, the company is working on a new generation voice assistant and international electronic document management system. The developer presents its latest developments at the Documentolog Technology Conference in Nur-Sultan on December 4th.

Photо: 24.kz