Kazakh Start-Up Project to Compete in Global Summit in Switzerland

The best startup projects are selected in Nur-Sultan to participate in the upcoming global Seedstars Summit 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland. More than 20 promising projects from Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia take part in the regional competition. The teams will present their ideas to leading investors and experts in the entrepreneurship competition. The entrepreneurs are mainly involved in the health, education, sports, security and finance industries. For example, Kazakh experts have developed a unique technology to recognize a person. 

“We verify the person, recognize his identity card and verify the person’s face with the image on the document. After that we get the data. Based on the data of the identity card including name and date of birth, we can get information from state databases. We have a connection to the credit bureau. Then we can find him or her on social networks, analyze his posts and draw conclusions about his financial credit scoring,” said Technical Director of Project, Azamat Galimzhanov.

“We want to showcase the technology all around the world as well as to say that this is not just a theory, but a working business. This is a run-in working draft project. The technology can be used in all financial areas,” said Project Director, Alibek Narymbai.

The best Kazakh start-ups will compete for the title of Seedstars Global Winner. The teams will have an opportunity to present their ideas on the main stage together with more than 60 start-ups all over the world and win up to half a million dollars in the form of equity investments.

Photо: elorda.info