Green Technologies in Construction has been Discussed in Nur-Sultan

Theme of energy efficiency in architectural solutions including prospects for the development of environmental construction and its impact on urban infrastructure has been discussed at a conference dedicated to the green technologies industry in Nur-Sultan.

Leading foreign scientists and experts of the industry took part in the meeting. They said that urban planning is the priority for the introduction of green principles along with industry, energy, transport and agriculture in the economy of states. Real estate development using energy efficiency technologies have become popular in advanced countries such as Finland, Denmark, England and Germany.

“Environmental construction is the construction which gives to residents much more advantages such as comfortable and healthier space for work and life. This is the energy of saving resources; this is the autonomous building of the future using all kinds of technologies. This is a completely new concept of life including lighting for the building, heating, cooling, new composite and other materials for construction and decoration materials,” said Chairperson of Green Building Council in Russia, Guy Eames.

There are about 40 green buildings in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, local companies are ready to actively master the know-how of the energy efficient construction. Foreign experts are also ready to share the best practices of the industry with them.

“Environmentally friendly buildings can save 150 percent of energy and up to 50 percent of water. This is a very necessary megatrend all over the world. For example, the Expo center is one of the environmentally friendly buildings which was built according to international standards. We are at the level of discussion of a number of projects. I think we will be included as experts at the Green Technology Center,” Eames said.

Green building has been popular around the world for about 25 years. Global market revenue from the industry is worth about US$200 billion and is constantly growing. Interest of the investors in the green building industry is increasing.

Analysts said that the main thing for the state is to adopt this trend and move in this direction.