Nur-Sultan Hosted Exhibition of Innovative Projects

Nur-Sultan hosted an exhibition of innovative projects of young local scientists. Social and business projects in IT, healthcare and education, as well as the latest scientific achievements were showcased.

One of the know-how presented at the exhibition was a new generation internal combustion engine. Comparing to analogues existing in the world, a Kazakh product is energy sufficient, the inventors said. Moreover, this model is environmentally friendly.

According to developer, Kirill Marchenko, this engine uses the temperature difference to function. The engine’s performance indicator is even greater than the one of the diesel engine. It can operate using any source of heat, whether it is coal or oil. The energy of the sun or the earth can be used to generate heat as well. Even tree leaves can be burned.

“The Association of Entrepreneurs was created under the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The presented projects will be submitted to our investors who are also members of the Assembly. They will consider whether to finance and support a particular project,” said Chairperson of Republican Youth Organization, Timur Dzhumurbayev.