Housing Construction Savings Bank Transferred Electronic Work Documents to Cloud

Developers of Documentolog program have learned the process to streamline the workflow and speed up the business processes of enterprise. The local IT-company has introduced its system of electronic workflow to more than 300 enterprises for over twelve years.

The Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan has been using the Documentolog system since 2015. During this period, the head office and 18 regional branches of the bank were connected to the program.

According to Chairperson of Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, Lyazzat Ibragimova, the bank has been actively digitalizing all banking processes for several years. First of all, the system is created for the convenience of the client as well as client services.

“We believe that our client should receive the maximum services at the lowest cost. It also depends on optimizing the internal business processes,” she said.

Digital transformation significantly reduces the Bank’s costs on paper, printing documents and postage as well as reduces time for the management to make decisions.

Recently, the Housing Construction Savings Bank transferred all its electronic work documents to the Cloud in order to optimize its operational expenditure.

“The service model is used when an organization stores all its work documents and systems in the Cloud, provided by Documentolog. Meanwhile, the load on technical support will also be greatly reduced and streamlined,” Ibragimova added.

The transition to the Cloud technology allowed the Housing Construction Savings Bank to significantly reduce its expenditure for servers and maintenance, while at the same time it increases the level and quality of user support for the Bank.

The system is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and it ultimately has a positive effect on the bank's customers.

Photo: digital.report