Development of Digital Technologies in Kyrgyzstan

Development of Digital Technologies in Kyrgyzstan

Digital know-how is introduced in Kyrgyzstan. Local students have developed many projects. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the potential of interesting projects at the exhibition of digital technologies in Naryn.

Eldiyar Zhunusov and his peers created a website to help employers to post job openings as well as assist candidates to find a job.

The governor of the region has paid attention to the video surveillance system on roads. Meanwhile, video cameras are installed in public places of the city.

“The President has announced this year as the Year of Development of Regions and Digital Transformation. With the university we want to implement several projects in the city and in neighboring villages,” said Kyrgyz Government’s Authorized Representative in Naryn Region, Emilbek Alymkulov.

Students have many ideas. The majority of the students are interested in either IT or Public Relations. These two majors were the first to be opened at the University of Central Asia. It has been only three years since the university started its work. Nevertheless, both local and international students apply to study in the university.  Professor Masood Mir talked about the creative work of his students.

“The students here are quite good. I am sure that they will be the future leaders,” he said.

All the showcased digital projects are designed to contribute to the comfortable living of contemporary society. Therefore, social services and healthcare developments are of primary importance. Developers said that their projects can be applied in any industry.