CIS Countries will Join Efforts in Countering Cybercrimes

The Commonwealth of Independent States will join efforts to fight against cybercrimes. Members of the Lower House of Kazakh Parliament, Mazhilis have approved a document on countering criminal activity.

In Dushanbe, CIS leaders have signed the cooperation agreement on September last year. The document offers the exchange of information between law enforcement bodies on crimes related to cybersecurity. Certain barriers will be reduced in financial bodies and the order of requests will be simplified.

According to Kazakh Foreign Ministry, today the agreement was ratified by Uzbekistan and Belarus. Other countries conduct interstate procedures.

"We are investigating a criminal case, involving 42 of our citizens who transferred large sums of money because they believed the advertisements on the Internet. This money, which is two hundred million, was cashed out in different cities in Russia. We need such agreement to act in time and obtain the evidence related to such crimes,” said Kazakh First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Marat Kozhayev.