Students from Kostanai developed 3D alphabet

Students from Kostanai developed a 3D alphabet. The new technology works on the principle of augmented reality.

A mobile application turns the regular alphabet into an animated picture which allows teaching the Latin alphabet in a game form not only to adults but also preschool children.

People with hearing impairments can visually learn the alphabet. There is also special voice acting in several languages for those who do not have clear vision.

Ilyas Azelkhanov and Zarina Myrzatayeva created a unique project in just 10 days.

“At the moment, it is only a prototype that we will refine. We plan to introduce our function with augmented reality into other products,” said project author, Ilyas Azelkhanov.

Since 2020, the Kazakh language will be introduced into the educational system in Latin for preschool and first-grade students.

The project authors plan to cooperate with kindergartens and schools. Ilyas and Zarina assured that it is easier to memorize the alphabet due to the vivid images of the characters.

Photo: Хабар 24