High-Speed Telescope Launched in Almaty Observatory

Astrophysicists from Almaty have discovered the solution to fix the gamma-ray bursts in space. The solution was found due to the launch of a new telescope in the Assy-Turgen observatory.

The telescope is 70 centimeters in diameter and the speed allows messages from NASA orbital telescopes to be received within eight seconds and it also is able to take pictures.

The launch is a partnership between Kazakhstan and the USA.

Up to 200 galaxies can be seen every night with the telescope. The observatory has three other telescopes as well.

A meter telescope can be used to explore new stars in the x-ray range.

A half-meter telescope helps to remove space debris.

There is also a giant telescope, which is the largest in Central Asia weighing 57 tons.

In tandem with the new high-speed telescope, the heavyweight reduces galactic distances.

“This telescope sees 16 times more than before. We might say that it is not only the largest but also the heaviest telescope in Kazakhstan,” said engineer of Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, Maxim Krugov.

The NASA astronomical agency experts noted the successful location of the Assy-Turgen observatory. It is the perfect location to study the universe as it is located at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters above sea level. From here, movement of planets, solar and lunar eclipses and other cosmic phenomena can be seen.

Photo: informburo.kz