Multimedia Hall is Opened in National Museum of Kazakhstan

The presentation of historical collections is now available in a modern format in museums.

The National Museum of Kazakhstan is preparing to open a multimedia 3D hall. Visitors can delve into the rich world of the ancient annals of the Great Steppe thanks to the digital platform of the latest information technologies.

A virtual consultant welcomes visitors in three languages, Kazakh, Russian and English. The three-dimensional guide will tell not only about the rules of visiting the hall, but also about safety precautions.

Furthermore, the museum guide conducts a tour of 3D panoramas, where in digital format the visitors are introduced to both historical exhibits and unique cultural monuments.

Visitors of the museum can also go on an exciting journey to various natural sites and holy places of Kazakhstan using other modern equipment.

Using a helmet and a virtual reality room, visitors can literally move into the past and get in touch with the culture of civilizations.

The hall with an area of 240 square meters is intended for exhibitions and educational programs as well as for research initiatives.

All these digital opportunities such as virtual tours, spherical 3D panoramas and interactive books will attract foreign tourists to the main museum of the country and also bring the young and growing generation closer to the history of the country.   

The official opening of the multimedia hall in the National Museum is scheduled for August 29.