Kazakh Agrarians will Apply Technologies of Precision Farming

Kazakhstan will develop its agricultural industry by creating new varieties of crops.

Since 2018, scientists from the Agro Technical University have been working on the adaptation of precision farming systems in various farms in the country. This is a challenging task given that each locality has its own characteristics.

One of the research results includes the creational of spectral library of plants.

“Today using a zonal farming system is old-fashioned. Precision farming is the future. State support is needed in this area, to subsidize these costs and then to help farmers upgrade their equipment. If we achieve this, the crop yields will be increased by several times,” said Rector of Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, Akhylbek Kurishbayev.

Precision farming is a new method of growing crops that is inseparable from digital technology. All of the farming processes such as combine harvester to the detailed study of farmland are conducted using computers, GPS and unmanned aircraft.

“We see the quality of the soil cultivation and the height of the plants. This is very important information when determining the state of vegetation. Here we are combining all sorts of technologies that are actually used in the world,” said Dean of Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, Farabi Yermekov.

Last year, agrarians from nine farms in Akmola, Kostanai and North Kazakhstan regions applied precision farming technologies for the first time. In addition, these know-how technologies can prevent diseases and pests in the fields.

According to the Director of Agricultural Experimental Station in North Kazakhstan Region, Belgibai Kanafin, in July, the amount of precipitation was different in regions. In some places, there was only 30% of the annual average rainfall. Despite all this, due to the use of modern technologies, agrarians plan to get at least 30 centners per hectare.

Experts said that the latest technologies in the agriculture field contribute to a significant reduction of production costs as well as the increase of productivity and improvement of the product quality.

Photo: egemen.kz