Educational Technologies in Kazakhstan

Development of human capital is a new global trend. Education is a very important part of this development. This was voiced by EdTech expert Kwame Yamgnane in his interview to Kazakh TV.

He said that the 21st century has changed the very concept of education since new technologies are opening up new opportunities to make education accessible to the wider public.

The expert also pointed out those developing countries should use the new technologies of EdTech, including online education, use of artificial intelligence, long-distance learning and educational hubs.

This approach allows not only staying up to date but also saving time for teachers and students. 

“What is happening is like you change the role of a teacher. Instead of asking you to write your code on a paper and give it to me and I have to correct it and then give you a mark, you are going to directly do it on the computer, so the computer is going to assess your code and give you a mark directly. Isn’t it better for the teacher?,” said Yamgnane.

Teachers don’t have to spend hours and hours trying to correct copies, instead of it they can spend more time with the students. EdTech transforms the way of teaching, but for education, the human to human relationship is somewhat really important, he added.

EdTech gives access to education for all segments of society. New technologies have made education affordable and speed up the process.

Kwame Yamgnane said that the application of these technologies is very important for developing economies.