Kazakhstan’s Startup Enters Global Market

Local specialists have launched a mobile application to find a free parking spot at the most dense part of the city. The owner of the free parking place is able to rent out the parking to the public and thereby earn additional income.

Currently, the project developers are discussing with investors from Singapore, including one of the leading taxi services companies in Southeast Asia.

The developers say that the joint project will reduce the price of parking spaces in Singapore.

“We became winners of the republican national competition “Smart Zholy” in March with the support of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan. We went to an exciting startup event «Echelon Asia Summit 2019» in Singapore, met many people including investors who deal with problems of parking, traffic and smart city technology,” said co-founder of the project, Anuar Baitulakov.

According to experts, there are 300 residential complexes in the capital with at least 50 parking lots. The analysis showed that every fourth resident wants to rent his place in the parking lot for one hour.

The developers are sure that the project is very relevant today and has good prospects for growth.

Test-engineer of the project, Kalamkas Zhagiparova said that users of this app should enter the desired residential complex and they will find it on the map.

In the mobile application, there is a list of all the places that are currently being rented. The users can choose the place that they liked the most. The users can also choose the time period, weekdays or only on weekends. The traffic is reduced hourly if the users rent it for long-term.

Experts from Kazakhstan also developed another project that attracted the interest of foreign businessmen. The project is an online car wash logbook. Users can track the activities happening at the car wash in real time.

The developers said that the advantage of the project is having a ‘smart’ accounting system for clients. Automobile fans will find car wash centers on map and queue for their turn. The project has entered Azerbaijan.

The start-up team involves young IT-developers as well as students from Nazarbayev University.

Photo: avtosreda.ru