Development of Kazakh Scientists are Recognized Worldwide

Young Kazakh scientists have developed a new strategy to manufacture a device that helps to purify drinking water in a simple process.

Despite its small size, which can be fitted easily in a pocket, the device is able to process up to 50 liters of water per day. The device can be used for water purification even in laboratories or factories.

The installation of the device has no similarities in the country. The developers received local and Eurasian patents.

The device cleanses not only water, but also other liquids. In the future, this will create batteries that operate on a liquid basis. This will also be used in medicine.

“We are improving the methods of filtering water through acoustic waves,” said scientist, Nurkhat Zhakiyev.

“We are currently developing nanosensors based on our track membranes. By using these sensors, we can see a very low metal content in the solution as well as ultralow concentrations,” said scientist, Arman Yeszhanov.

Inventions of the Kazakh young scientists are recognized in the international arena. Recently, a project of Nazarbayev University students was recognized as the best at an international competition in Barcelona. Traditionally, the young scientists from different parts of the world present their works.

A domestic electric scooter with a battery capacity of 150 watts is able to travel 20 kilometers. It also met the requirements of the prestigious competition. Moreover, the developers continue to improve their development.

“The ergonomics of these scooters were tested. It passed another test in the rain. The ability to move was tested, including speed and how many kilometers it can travel. In addition, maneuvering was tested. According to results of all tests, we won the first place,” said student of Nazarbayev University, Yersultan Baimukhan.

This scooter has an app for smartphones. This means that the user can control it only through this program. Other people will not be able to use it.

The trend of recent years is that young scientists unite in teams and jointly create breakthrough innovative projects. Today the work of the innovators is actively supported by the Kazakh government. To date, young scientists comprise 40 percent of all scientists in the country.