Innovative Projects of Kazakhstan Scientists

The task to provide support for technological innovations is set by the experimental workshop of Nazarbayev University.

The workshop is a platform for the implementation of ideas and start-up projects. Work are being done using any materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and wood.

Director of the Experimental Workshop in Nazarbayev University, Yerken Bektassov said that it is one of the unique equipment of the “Machine Shop” experimental workshop of the innovation department of Nazarbayev University.

They make bases for a robotic arm, which could perform some actions on transfer and movement of goods.

The workshop houses many innovative things from the simplest models to custom designs. An experimental prototype is tested and if necessary, it is refined.

Moreover, experts can implement all of the production stages here from the design to the release of the finished product using high-tech equipment.

“On a five-axis machine, you can do machining work continuously. You can use complex details such as the impeller, turbine blades and others. And this thing here allows the table to turn 110, 30 degrees,” said Engineer of Experimental Workshop of Nazarbayev University, Bekzat Tilegen.

The workshop includes 3D-printers, milling, turning, drilling machines with numerical control, as well as equipment for electronic devices.

In addition, there is also a heat treatment oven. It is expected that soon the technical capabilities of the workshop will expand.

“Now we are mastering the technology of 3D printing on metal. 3D printing on metal is when unique new things are being developed such as prototypes. They are printed on the machine due to powders of metal, aluminum and titanium,” said Director of the Experimental Workshop of Nazarbayev University, Yerken Bektassov.

The workshop also produces electronic devices. The entire base represented in the workshop is available for university students.

Last year, the specialists of the workshop completed 188 unique orders. More than 250 orders are currently being made.