US Company invested in construction of irrigation plant in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is actively working to introduce new technologies in agriculture. This helps to increase productivity, product competitiveness and attract investments in the industry.

One of the American companies showed their interest in Kazakhstan’s investment projects in agriculture. American entrepreneurs signed an agreement on construction of an irrigation plant. The volume of investments is estimated at US$50 million.

The project will help create a network of advanced farms. They will use modern technologies in irrigation and fodder production.

According to President of American Company, Steve Kanevsky, farming industry and irrigation brand started over 73 years ago. Their founder was first to commercialize the machine. Since that point, company has spread it across the globe including Brazil, Australia, South Africa and China.

Experts are confident that the products will be in great demand in the country where there are large planting and pasture lands.

“There are 1.4 million hectares of irrigated land in Kazakhstan. By 2021, we plan to introduce another 600,000 hectares of new land. By 2027, nearly three million hectares of the irrigated land should be put into circulation. Irrigation is necessary and the equipment must be produced in Kazakhstan. The production volume amounts to 1,000 cars per year,” said Kazakh Agriculture Minister, Saparkhan Omarov.

Farmers in Kazakhstan see positive results from agro-innovations introduced in the country.

Space monitoring of crops is carried out in the republic, which allows obtaining accurate information about conditions of soil, plants, and changes in weather.

Today, almost 98% of the fields are covered by satellite online surveillance. Due to digital transformation, the farmers have an opportunity to grow crops that require close attention.

“In the south-east of the country, we have been sowing new varieties of grain for the past two or three years. We are involved in the selection and obtain a good harvest. Previously, large areas in Kazakhstan were allotted for oats. We planted 25 kilograms per hectare. We will get a high yield of the oats,” said Spokesperson of Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture, Shynbolat Rysaliyev.

There are more than two hundred thousand agro formations and 177,000 farms in Kazakhstan.

Experts are sure that by introducing the achievements in science, they will be able to bring the country's agro-industrial complex to a new level and increase export volumes.