Kazakhstan Implements Blockchain Technology

Kazakhstan Implements Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is being implemented in Kazakhstan. Experts believe that the new approach will change the global economy and impact other sectors in the upcoming five years.

The new technology will ensure the optimization of Government operations and reduce operational time. The key advantage of blockchain is security.

Kazakh officials are planning to use the technology to monitor the movement of goods across borders, carry out Government procurements and many more.   

According to AIFC Chief Development Officer, Kairat Kaliyev, one of the world’s largest blockchain companies is planning to open an office in Nur-Sultan.

The partnership with such companies allows developing high-quality solutions based on blockchain technologies, which is one of the objectives of Kazakhstan’s digital modernization.

“The focus is building relationships here. We want to help companies and entrepreneurs here to grow the ecosystem,” said CEO of Blockchain Technology Association, Sandra Ro.

The digital protection system is being used in the management of queueing systems in kindergartens and hospitals.

Experts believe that cooperation with large international companies will provide an opportunity for the technologies to be used to full extent.

Meanwhile, a draft regulation on blockchain technologies is currently being developed in Kazakhstan.