Space Industry Development in Kazakhstan

Space Industry Development in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is taking leap steps in the development of a high-tech sector – the space industry. Recently, a modern space infrastructure has been created in Kazakhstan. A breakthrough has been achieved in the development of domestic space technologies.

Nobel Prize winner George Smoot says that the number of discoveries in space industry is breaking records in recent decades. For instance, the researchers of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, operating based on Nazarbayev University, are developing detectors that record signals from space. With their help, new cosmic discoveries can be made, the researchers believe.

There will be more upcoming achievements in the republic. An International center for study of the universe and outer space will be created in Kazakhstan soon. Kazakh and foreign scientists discussed these opportunities in Nur-sultan.

‘One of the things that we do is we have a network of universities around the world. We invite people from Kazakhstan to come and work in there and go back. So they have come to University of California, Berkeley, to Paris and the Hong Kong University Science and Technology. We also have people from those places come to work here in Kazakhstan because many of these projects like the gravity waves or like the big project we are doing to look for the evidence of sound waves in the universe showing up galaxies. There are big international collaborations,’ Nobel Prize Winner Dr. George Smoot, head of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory told Kazakh TV.

The world’s fastest telescope will start working in the country this upcoming autumn. It has been installed in the Kazakh observatory on the Assy-Turgen plateau. Now test works are continued where scientists from other countries can have access to the online snapshots in the scheduled time. The device with a 70 cm diameter lens is a discovery of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory of Nazarbayev University as well.

‘This telescope is different since as I said it is the fastest in the world. There are events that take place in space very fast, they are short-lived. While you install an ordinary telescope, it will take time to find. This telescope is included in the general system of telescopes which are ready. For example, a signal comes from a space satellite that a flash of the above norm has occurred. This signal comes in 10-15 seconds. During this time, the telescope manages to turn in the right direction, open the cap and the telescope building and see what it needs. In just ten seconds, we manage to do it. In this respect, the telescope is the fastest in the world,’ Kanat Baigarin, advisor to the president of Nazarbayev University shared.

Kazakhstan is a space power. A full cycle of the production system is being created in the republic, including the launch of spacecraft into space, scientific missions on the International Space Station and the rocket manufacturing enterprise. At the end of this year, the assembly and testing facility of spacecraft will be presented in the capital.