Modern Technologies Introduced in Kazakhstan’s Agricultural Industry

Modern Technologies Introduced in Kazakhstan’s Agricultural Industry

Modern technologies are actively being introduced in Kazakhstan’s agricultural industry. 20 digital and 4,000 advanced farms will be created within five years as part of the digital transformation of the agro-industrial complex in the country. 

Experts said that the automation of agricultural processes will increase productivity and reduce the operating costs of farms. 

New technologies are being applied in most farms in Kostanai region since three years ago. Some of the technologies include upgraded agricultural machinery with GPS navigator and tracking chips. 

The farms also use automatic detection of crop diseases, which directly reduced the expenditure for mineral fertilizers. 

Experts said by using modern farming technologies, the farmers can find out the history of the agricultural field, what kind of crops were grown during particular years and what fertilizers were used. 

Meanwhile, modern technologies are also used in dairy farms in Turkistan region. Experts said that the process has helped to increase the volume of milk yield and improved quality indicators. 

For example, one robot milker can be used to milk 70 cows three times a day. 

Nearly two billion tenge were used to modernize most of the dairy farms in the Turkistan region.