Kazakhstan Tapping on South Korea’s Digital Technology Expertise

Kazakhstan Tapping on South Korea’s Digital Technology Expertise

Kazakhstan and South Korea have signed an agreement worth US$3.2 billion to cooperate on digital technologies, infrastructure and medicine industries.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In said that the country can be a reliable partner for Kazakhstan to develop the digital technologies sector given its advanced experience.

South Korea is the world’s second most developed country in terms of e-government developments. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is in the top 30 countries list.

The e-government system in Kazakhstan was developed based on the South Korean model.

In terms of medicine sector, Kazakhstan would learn and adopt South Korea’s 5G network access to conduct remotely controlled surgical operations.

“Kazakhstan has a very big area. There is a lack of qualified doctors in distant regions in the country. The size of South Korea is small but we also have similar challenges. Therefore, we conduct remotely controlled surgical operations by using the 5G network,” said senior staff of the South Korean Ministry of Interior and Safety, Philip Lee.

Meanwhile, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry, Ablaikhan Ospanov said that Kazakhstan would like to adopt the smart crossroads technology from South Korea.

He said the technology can automatically switch the traffic light depending on the number of cars in traffic.

“There is also a smart bus stop technology, which provides information about the arrival of time of the bus,” Ospanov said, adding that smart city developments are being implemented throughout Kazakhstan.

Photo: ukrinform.ru