Crop Monitoring Service Based on Space Imagery Developed in Kazakhstan

A crop monitoring service based on space imagery was developed in Kazakhstan by entrepreneur, Zhandos Kerimkulov.

The service includes providing images, which the entrepreneur receives from open databases of European and American space agencies, to monitor the crops and pasturelands within the accuracy of 10 meters.

Kerimkulov said that the new service will significantly save the cost for crop monitoring and it also replaces physical patrolling on the agricultural fields.

“Farmers need to enter the identification number of the field in our web service. We identify the field’s borders based on the number. We then send the request to space databases, download the images and conduct radiometric corrections.”

“We convert the images into the web format and we also conduct analysis of the field,” he said.

According to Kerimkulov, the crop monitoring system is one of the necessary tools needed to apply precision farming as it allows the farmers early identification of issues that will take place at the fields and offer preventive measures.

The system offers the identification of soil moisture level, nitrogen content and snow cover height as well as harvest yield forecasts.

Kerimkulov is planning to present his developments in Russia and other foreign countries. He said that Africa is a promising market due to the region’s dependence on agriculture sector.