AIFC Launches ‘eJustice’ Online System

AIFC Launches ‘eJustice’ Online System

Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) and the AIFC International Arbitration Centre (IAC) have officially launched Eurasia’s first digital court platform, eJustice in Astana, Kazakhstan.

AIFC Governor, Kairat Kelimbetov said the platform is a big step for Kazakhstan to create comfortable conditions such as resolving commercial disputes for investors.

“This system will save a lot of time and money for our members. In a world where business success is determined not even by days, but by hours and minutes, this is an important advantage,” he said.

The eJustice is an online portal which members could use to file claims to the AIFC Court and IAC in electronic form from any location in the world without the need for physical presence in Astana.

The online system, which is the first of its kind in Central Asia region, was developed by AIFC Court and IAC as well as Singapore-based IT company, Crimson Logic.

Meanwhile, AIFC Court registrar and chief executive Christopher Campbell-Holt said the eJustice provides an opportunity to resolve all paper issues and file a lawsuit online.

“The eJustice system is intended not only to demonstrate the latest technologies but also to provide the effective use of time and money resources,” he said.

Campbell-Holt also said the system will also help put the AIFC Court, AIFC Arbitration Center and AIFC on the world map among the elite court and arbitration centers globally.

“So we are now publicly saying that we are among the very best that the world has to offer and this is the first time that it happened in Eurasia. So we are very proud of that achievement,” he added.