Ukraine to Implement Kazakh Sergek Video System in Kiev

Ukraine to Implement Kazakh Sergek Video System in Kiev

Ukraine has express interest in implement Kazakhstan’s Sergek video surveillance system in its capital city Kiev as the countries agreed to exchange experience in the development of smart city concept.

Kiev Smart City co-facilitator, Yuriy Nazarov said Ukraine plans to install a similar video and photo surveillance cameras to create a safe and convenient environment for residents of its capital.

The Sergek video surveillance system installed in Astana has helped the police in the capital to solve over 500 criminal offenses as well as reduced the number of traffic violations.

Meanwhile, Kiev has launched the Smart City project three years ago and includes services such as Smart City Open Budget which allows residents to learn about the municipal budget and construction stages of public facilities.

All of the Government procurements are also made available online while tenders and auctions are held openly.

“All public procurements implemented in Kiev and Kiev City Administration is available online. There are 1,800 municipal services under the Kiev City Administration, including large public utilities services and Kiev Metro,” Nazarov said.

He added that the smart city development allowed the Government to save about US$100 million of the city budget.