Kazakh Developers Introduce New Innovations in Various Sectors

Kazakh Developers Introduce New Innovations in Various Sectors

Kazakh developers introduce new innovations in various sectors almost every day. Teachers and school students also perform research work. An eleventh-grader from Kostanay developed a program capable of identifying the vulnerability of any website. Pyotr Shilov developed a script on his own. According to the developer, the program can be controlled remotely and shows absolutely all possible defects in the work of websites which can be used by attackers. The young developer believes that in the digital era, creating a website is not enough as it also needs to be safely protected from various cyber-attacks. Pyotr Shilov is planning to patent his development in the near future.


- I knew the programming language with which I created this script. That is the reason why I started this work.

Meanwhile, rural school teachers in Almaty region developed a mobile application to read books from the school program. Currently, 30 fiction books were converted into a digital format for the students of 5th to 11th grades. In the near future, teachers are planning to create electronic versions of all textbooks and an electronic library. Thus, the teachers aim to relieve students from carrying heavy backpacks and briefcases. The teachers are also planning to convert all curricula and teaching aids into electronic format.


- We also created an audio version of all these books for blind children. For instance, if children have poor vision or visual impairments, they can listen to these texts.