Smart environment will be implemented in 5 cities of Kazakhstan

Smart environment will be implemented in 5 cities of Kazakhstan

By 2030, the number of smart cities in the world will be more than 600. As part of the ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ state program, the ‘Smart City’ project in major cities such as Astana, Almaty and Karagandy will be built. A smart environment is being created, including comfort, safety as well as efficiency and environmental protection in different areas. Aktobe is one of the cities where the smart environment is being created. Aktobe, which was declared as the country’s fourth agglomeration, has abandoned the traditional public service centers. The new center, which has a public office, provides nearly 500 services.


- Due to this electronic method, I can get my paper in one minute. This is very convenient for people. I recommend you to work with this. Thank you.

Apart from the people's service center, the ‘Smart Town’ system’s control panel is located in this building. There are nearly 500 surveillance cameras installed by the police and the mayor’s office. In the future, it will be possible to connect approximately 9,000 cameras in the city.


- It is important to regulate the traffic, quickly detect violations, give drivers an immediate response, and give feedback. In addition, the Aktobe-Bus system has been implemented to make the transport more comfortable to the public. The electronic ticket to buses is being tested on 46 routes.

The ‘Yel Aina’ project will be realized until 2020 under the ‘Informational Kazakhstan’ state program. Residents of the future agglomeration can access the city information through smart mobile applications.

In the West Kazakhstan region, more than 50 projects are being implemented as part of the digital transformation program. For example, the recently launched ‘Smart Uralsk’ mobile application is widely used by the public. The app, which can be downloaded to any smartphone, is particularly effective for young people. Over the years, more than 40,000 people received high-quality services through the ‘Available Mayor’s Office’ mobile application. Today there are 10 state and 18 additional services. Every month, nearly 4,000 urban residents can receive answers to their questions and quickly finish their work.


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- The main idea of this mobile application is to provide a variety of services. Take for example, the transport as a model. We often try to get information about planes. This means we don’t have to find information from reference books and bus stations.

The ‘Smart Uralsk’ mobile application includes nearly 30 types of electronic services. Using this application, residents can make an appointment to a doctor at home and place a child in a kindergarten queue. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to determine the housing or land queue and to find favorable employment opportunities in the labor market.