Kazakhstan’s largest wind farm is being constructed in Aktobe region

Kazakhstan’s largest wind farm is being constructed in Aktobe region

Kazakhstan is successfully developing renewable energy sources. According to experts’ forecasts, half of the energy produced in Kazakhstan by 2050 will be generated by alternative energy sources. Kazakhstan’s largest wind farm is being constructed in Aktobe region. The project will be an Italian corporation’s first large-scale investment in Kazakhstan’s modern energy sector. The cost of the project exceeds 33 billion Tenge. The farm’s capacity will total 48 megawatts. 13 turbines will be installed in Kargaly district with 130 meters of rotor diameter and a 85 meters tower. The wind farm will be commissioned at the end of the year.


 - The wind power plant will provide the region with 198 kilowatts of electricity per hour. In general, the implementation of such projects is consistent with the concept of Kazakhstan’s transition to green economy model, promoting the future economy and alternative energy, outlined in the President’s Address.

Meanwhile, Central Asia’s largest solar power plant, Burnoye Solar 2 in Zhambyl region doubled its capacity. Currently, there are a total of 377,000 solar cells with a capacity of 100 megawatts in the solar power plant. On sunny days, each solar cell generates up to 330,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per day. The solar power plant’s operations are fully automated and under the constant supervision of specialists.


- During the 100 megawatts solar power plant implementation, we attracted foreign direct investments worth US$ 35 million. The total cost of the two projects with the capacity of 100 megawatts totaled about 50 billion tenge. 

There are currently 55 renewable energy facilities in Kazakhstan. 52 additional facilities will be commissioned by 2020. Their total capacity will total two gigawatts. To date, authorities developed a basic list of 145 investment projects worth US$ 47.8 billion. Foreign investors are showing an active interest in these projects.