55 enterprises in Aktobe region installed new equipment

55 enterprises in Aktobe region installed new equipment

Digital transformation of the Kazakh production facilities and technological modernization will boost the development of the local enterprises and their competitiveness. This year, 55 enterprises in Aktobe region installed new equipment and began modernizing its production facilities spending 85 billion tenge for this purpose. As part of the industrialization program, 15 large investment projects are being implemented in the region, including gold extracting companies and ceramics and granite manufacturers. Local officials are planning to attract 510 billion tenge of investments to the region by the end of the year, 35 percent of which will be invested from abroad. For example, this year, a zinc and copper manufacturing company located in Khromtau district modernized its ore processing plant. The region’s largest production facility is capable of processing 5 million tonnes of ore per year. 


- After completion of the current modernization, we expect that the plant’s productivity increases by 10 percent. Our enterprise is one of the leading companies in Western Kazakhstan in terms of automation. Up to 70 percent of our operations are automated. 

A cast iron plant in Tekeli town in Almaty region began manufacturing its products. After reaching the full capacity, the plant will process 550 tonnes of cast iron per day, while the current capacity is 250 tonnes. 20 billion tenge were invested in the plant’s construction.

In the future, the cast iron manufactured in Tekeli will be sold domestically and exported to the neighboring countries and beyond. 


- The manufactured cast iron was examined and certified and is currently in demand in Kazakhstan and beyond in many countries, including Europe. Many foreign partners are ready to sign a contract. I believe that we will start exporting the manufactured products in January of 2019.