Large global companies want Kazakh inventors

Large global companies want 17-year-old Timur Ryspekov who is the youngest inventor in Kazakhstan’s history to work for them. He has got job offers from Microsoft, Amazon and NASA. With his team, he won the competition in New York. They proposed a solution to problems of the Mars exploration rovers such as Curiosity and Opportunity, as well as a random number generator.


 - Many have heard what happened this year with the Opportunity which is a Mars exploration rover. Due to a problem with the battery, it stopped communicating. As a solution to this problem, we demonstrated an experimental demonstration of a controlled relay, which was turned off in the absence of energy. When we were receiving energy of the solar battery it turned on. This solution can be used during charging. There were cases when the phone exploded while charging.

When Timur was three years old he learned the multiplication table by heart. During his school years, he won many Olympiads in mathematics and physics. The young inventor received the first award for a robot in the form of a tank designed to protect the environment. Timur is now a student at two prestigious universities of the world. In addition, he is an owner of 30 patents and copyrights in physics, mathematics and computer science. After winning the competition for the best innovative project in Asia and Eastern Europe, organized by Microsoft, the world's leading companies have offered jobs to young scientists from time to time.


 - Our main advantage was the quantum random number generator. Due to the different characteristics of photons, it could generate random data that would allow these solutions to be used in cryptography to protect personal data like Monte Carlo simulations for the banking industry and to predict financial risks as well as they can also be used for medical purposes to make various drugs and in the mining industry. 

Global companies offer a good reward to Timur for his unique development. Nevertheless, the winner of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ competition still prefers to create startups in his homeland.