Digital transformation of agricultural technologies in Kazakhstan

In his state-of-the-nation address, President Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the importance of attracting modern agricultural technologies to Kazakhstan. Digital transformation is important for the development of agriculture sector. New innovations are being implemented in Kazakhstan which resulted in high productivity and lower costs. 

Agrarians in one of the farms in the Pavlodar region are producing good quality harvest regardless of weather conditions. The machinery, which is equipped with a navigation system, give great advantages to the agrarians.


 - The navigation system has many advantages. We set the parameters; specify points A and B on a straight line, and press the start button to put the tractor and the application into action. Machinery operators remotely control the operation of tractors that we supervise. This navigation system is easy to use.

New technologies are also being implemented in the Karaganda region. The crop fields are digitalized in order to create electronic maps of farms. A farm in Nura district sowed wheat on 500 hectares of land using digital technologies. The new approach has improved yield by 30 per cent.


 - We submit soil analyses on the digital technologies application for potatoes to Europe and we receive accurate results of the analyses which show that our soil lacks three components and micronutrients that are necessary for good quality harvests.

Karaganda region also implemented a full cycle of digital technologies in growing potatoes. The number of planted potatoes has increased by almost 23 per cent compared to last year.


 - We have been planting potatoes for the third year. Last year, we planted potatoes on 220 hectares, while this year on 450 hectares. We harvest 40 tonnes of potatoes from one hectare.

This year, nine farms in Kazakhstan are participating in the pilot project on digital transformation, including two in Karaganda region.