Digital transformation is a key factor in the development of the agricultural industry

Digital transformation is a key factor in the development of the agricultural industry. The latest technologies will help reduce the risks, adapt to the climate change, enhance the agricultural crops’ yielding capacity and schedule the field works. Digital transformation provides the opportunity to increase production volumes and boost Kazakhstan’s export potential. Meanwhile, the Kazakh agrarians are implementing the elements of precision farming. A pilot project is launched in Kazakhstan involving the crops of two durum wheat varieties of the Kazakh and Austrian selection.    


 - This year is very productive for us because we had many successful research works. We launched the Precision Farming project this year. As part of the project, previously, we conducted research works on 20, 30 or 40 hectares of land, however, this year, we allocated about 3,000 hectares of land for the Precision Farming researches. 3,000 hectares of land is a large area which is close to the production area allowing us to perform trials relevant for the production processes. This year, as part of the precision farming project, we are performing trials on spring wheat with two different varieties of our local selection and we received very good results.

The trial results exceeded all expectations as the harvest totalled 60 quintals per hectare. Agrarians believe that the record harvest resulted from implementation of digital technologies that allow enhancing the agricultural production effectiveness. Farmers applied innovative methods as part of the project.


 - As part of this project, we are applying the latest technologies existing in the world. We adopt these technologies to our environment to accelerate the processes. We use advanced technologies, including drones, perform digital conversion of the crops and conduct agrochemical surveys. We use drones during special periods. It helps us a lot because phases are very important to tackle many issues such as diseases and stress factors of the plants.

Another important step is capacity building in digital technologies, particularly in agriculture. According to the Government officials, a large amount of work has been performed and foreign experts were involved to train the staff. All these developments will substantially accelerate the implementation of information technologies in the agricultural sector.