EXPO-2017: technology has started to be implemented by enterprises

EXPO-2017: technology has started to be implemented by enterprises

The advanced technology in the renewable energy presented at Astana EXPO 2017 has started to be implemented by Kazakhstani enterprises. 21 projects have attracted particular interest of Aktobe businessmen. The projects involve solving environmental issues as well as contributing to the development of alternative energy. Six innovative ideas, which are estimated at 60 billion Tenge, have been implemented in Aktobe region. The economy in the region grew by 105 per cent. Local producers cooperate with top leaders in the green economy field and managed to reduce the production cost by 1.5 per cent.


- The industrial enterprises of the region implement projects presented at the EXPO to generate and save energy as well as to improve the performance in areas such as agricultural formation and the agro industrial complex.

Farmers in Martuk are benefiting from the advantages of green energy. Solar panels and wind generators of the latest technology are used in maral or deer breeding. The generated energy is used to pump water from wells, and provide houses with electricity and heat. The German equipment costs 18 million Tenge.


- Solar panels and wind generators work together. If there is no wind, they are charged by the solar power. If there is no sun, then they are charged by the wind. They produce 10 kilowatts of electricity.

Astana EXPO 2017 has introduced the latest digital technologies into the educational process of universities in Aktobe. The medical sector is being developed. For example, innovative developments and equipment from Germany, South Korea, Austria and Turkey will be used in all polyclinics and hospitals in the region.