Digital Kazakhstan: the e-exchange has proved its effectiveness

Information Technology plays an increasingly important role in the development of economies of countries. The implementation of the state Digital Kazakhstan program is being continued. One of the program’s areas is the transition to a proactive state, which includes the improvement of e-government system and optimization of public services such as the electronic labor exchange. According to Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Nariman Mukushev, the e-exchange has proved its effectiveness. Its system is also constantly being updated and new areas are being opened. Currently a skills bank is being developed to improve the quality of vacancies selection as well as to identify the high demand skills in labor market. Nariman Mukushev also said the Ministry plans to attract IT specialists to accelerate the digital transformation of the IT field.


- There might be automation and digital transformation in areas where we want to develop and we see a strong effect from this fact. The local market may have something to offer. They will offer their specific solutions or they show their readiness to develop these solutions. If they are ready to offer these solutions, we will discuss it. We will see what it is and whether to launch it in the future.