The best robotics developments from overseas were presented in Astana

The best robotics developments from the United States, Europe, South Korea and Japan were presented in Astana. A unique show titled ‘The Ball of Robots’ opened in Nur Alem pavilion in EXPO. The exhibition features about 20 exhibits from all over the world. Humanoid robot Thespian grabbed the headline as it is the first android actor that speaks 40 languages and able to answer any questions.


 - The ‘Ball of Robots’ exhibition started in 2015. Over this time, we toured around Russia and some Baltic states as we exhibited our robots in Riga. It is a great honour for us to be in Kazakhstan. We can see that this place is the centre of attraction of advanced technologies and our robots fit perfectly in this environment.

A musical trio created from scrap metals were also presented at the exhibition. The robots were created by a famous artist, mechanic and animator from Saint Petersburg, Alexander Gets. The robots can perform any composition and play chess with three players at the same time. The robots can also be programmed to any difficulty level where both a child and a world grand chess master can play against it.


 - After making a move, a person presses this green button. After that, this robot processes this move and makes its own move. It keeps playing like that with three people.

The organizers said more robots will be displayed at the exhibition in the future. Meanwhile, various interactive games and shows are in store at the event this year.

The smart robots exhibition will last until September 26.