Green technology is actively being introduced in Kazakhstan

Green technology is actively being introduced in Kazakhstan. An example of the successful usage of renewable energy sources is at one of the mosques in Astana. According to the project designer, the building has zero energy consumption. Highly efficient European equipment is installed on the site. Solar panels are used to generate electricity. The panels are located on an area of 1,295 square meters. Sources of the alternative energy produce three times more electricity than necessary and the amount of generated electricity exceeds the needs of the mosque by almost four times, which allows the excess electricity to be transferred.


 - We have reduced heat consumption by 61% and changed the stained-glass windows to chamber ones. Multifunctional glass reflects cold and heat. We take 30% of the electricity from the city, but we produce it ourselves. We have reduced ventilation by 87% and cooling by 80%. We also save electricity on lighting. Thus, we produce three times more energy than what we consume.

Renewable energy is also used in other regions of the country. The first mosque that uses solar energy was constructed in the East Kazakhstan region. The equipment for alternative energy sources was sponsored. In total, 18 solar panels are installed on the territory of the mosque. The panels produce up to five kilowatts of electricity per hour. It is enough to provide electricity for the entire building.


 - Everyone is surprised that we have such equipment. Our mosque is one of the first in East Kazakhstan, which has switched to solar energy. Imams from other mosques come to us, ask how the batteries work and want to install the same ones.