Nazarbayev University’s student has developed a unique project

Successful startups are impossible without innovations. The leading international accelerators believe that technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence will soon form the basis for the launch of new projects. A meeting between entrepreneurs in Astana was held to discuss about the components of a successful startup. Well known investor Marvin Liao is investing funds in interesting projects all over the world. He admits that Kazakh developers have many interesting ideas. Moreover, there are real conditions for their implementation in Kazakhstan.


 - I think you know understanding sort of what very little I know about Kazakhstan, very strong in natural resources, particularly, like oil and gas, that’s actually a huge industry. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Kazakhstan I hope to change that, but I know one of the challenges in Kazakhstan is that if you look at other parts of like Central and Eastern Europe they tend to be much stronger in for example on the technical side versus here in Kazakhstan actually there’s really good business talent and commercial talent.

Nazarbayev University’s research fellow Zhandos Kerimkulov has developed a unique project. The project involves designing earth remote sensing to simplify the work of farmers. Information on vegetation period, soil moisture and the overall condition of plants is collected on one online platform. A feedback service was launched on the website for the convenience of users.


- Upon registration, agronomists provide us with the cadastral number. Based on that cadastral number, we post online all the information we have. Using this data, agronomists can plan their farming activities. 

According to foreign experts, feedback, which means a dialogue between consumers and producers, is a fundamental factor in the improvement of a project’s effectiveness. Mentors also highlighted the importance of choosing the right partner. The organizers said that such meetings of startups are planned to be held on a regular basis.