Residents of Astana will be able to rent their parking spaces

Residents of Astana will be able to rent their parking spaces

Residents of Astana will be able to rent their parking spaces. A unique start-up was developed as part of the "Smart District" innovation competition. The developers proposed an analogue of AirBnB for urban parking lots. Residents of Astana will be able to sell empty parking lots to those willing to buy them by downloading the mobile application. Meanwhile, this solution is already used in the U.S. The difference of the Kazakh start-up is that 20 per cent of each transaction will be credited to the account of the cooperatives of apartment owners.


 - As you know, there is a problem with parking lots in the area of the House of Ministries and people have to walk around 500 or 800 meters to their work. We will start with these residential complexes and perhaps, we will spread it to the whole city.

The innovation competition was held as part of the International Congress of Architects. About 200 participants took part in the event. They discussed the ways of making the lives of city residents more comfortable for living. New solutions are planned to be gradually implemented. The Congress participants also discussed the architectural development prospects. In addition, the participants suggested opening the Eurasian Academy of Architecture in Astana.


-  The Eurasian architecture is intended not only for Kazakhstan. A lot of people visit our lands. Having gathered here, some of them shared their views and decided to open an academy here. Astana is a perfect platform for the future academy. Its main goal is to provide an opportunity for young architects to develop our city.