Full scale map of Almaty was created in 3D format

Digital innovations create new development opportunities. The city of Almaty was photographed using modern aerial photography technique and a full scale map of the city was created in 3D format. Many procedures related to the construction of the metropolis are being transferred to an online mode due to the completion of the city’s digital map. The new e-document has 169 pages containing construction related technical data which includes the engineering network and the ground condition.


- It is similar to any other container that can fit only a liter of water. Therefore, we made a regulation for the city, because only a certain amount of facilities can be constructed on this area.

The general layout of certain districts for urban development is added to the master city 3D map as part of a design code. The map does not limit the imagination of architects but instead it provides general aspects of the desired forms and color range. Moreover, the creation of the 3D map provides information about any facility in the city. The innovation is highly appreciated by residents of Almaty.


- It is not hard to learn about the construction companies, the location and the conditions of the residential buildings. I am interested in information such as earthquake resistance, the district, and the possible challenges. Wind rose is very important for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about this map.

The electronic map of all buildings was included in the master 3D map. Land documents, commissioning acts and other documents can be registered online. In the future, the master plan will be used by all urban planners and construction companies. It will also be helpful in monitoring the construction progress.