New technologies in Fish Farming

Modern technologies are used to increase the production of the local fishing industry. 20 fish farms in East Kazakhstan are testing new methods for the reproduction of sturgeon, salmon and carp breeds. These farms are trying to increase the population of these fish breeds, which are listed in the Red List of Marine Fishes. In order to raise the number of the endangered sturgeons, the fishes are bred in indoor pools while the reproduction of trout is carried out in natural environment. Water diverters were installed in Irtysh Bays. Mathematical calculations are used to fatten the fishes until maximum weight. Some 400, 000 fishes are fed strictly following a timetable. The fish farmers are targeting to have 100 tonnes of fishes by December. 


-  We must fill this pond with fish because it has so much plankton. I can say so just looking at how the trout grows. The food base is excellent.

The Zaisan lake as well as Schulbinski and Bukhtarma reservoirs were stocked with fishes last year due to the development of fish farming in the region. Five million of carps and white amur were released in these areas. Currently, the East Kazakhstan region is planning to increase the population of pike perch or zander, which have significantly decreased in recent years in Lake Zaisan.


 - In the future, we want to create a planting material for zanders and we want to raise commercial fish based on the smart fisheries technology and cage farming. Now we are at the stage of concluding an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The largest program of fish breeding in Lake Zaisan in East Kazakhstan will be conducted for seven years. Local businessmen are ready to finance the project. They consider the business as promising and in the future the fishes will be exported to neighboring countries.