Togyzkumalak in digital format

Students of the Gumilyov Eurasian National University have developed a mobile application of a famous board game, Togyzkumalak. It is a two-player mancala game played on a board with two rows of nine holes and 162 small balls. The game is considered a national sport in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. From now on, smartphone users can download the new app and play the popular Kazakh game. The game has become well known as the shepherd's algebra for its use in developing verbal counting. The board game is also useful in developing intellectual skills, logic, analytical thinking and the game is not inferior to chess in its complexity. Players should not only master four mathematical tactics perfectly but also have to foresee the future tactics of the game. A session of Togyzkumalak can last for five hours. According to developers, they tried to preserve all the traditional features of the game in the app.


 - We created a multilevel module of artificial intelligence. It covers four different levels of the game. The first level is for people who have never played Togyzkumalak. The fourth level is designed for masters. The app is constantly being updated so that it won’t be boring to play Togyzkumalak.