Digital technologies in agriculture

Global innovation technologies in the agricultural industry are introduced in Kazakhstan. The project involves nine large farms in the country, including two in Karaganda. This year, smart technologies helped sow 500 hectares of land in one of the agricultural farms in the region.

Farm machine operator, Yerlan Makhmedov uses digital technology to perform his work. He only needs an onboard computer.


- I set a certain speed for the machine and it operates via a satellite. The machine has an air conditioner and a climate control system. It is an excellent tractor. Previously, we operated a K-700 and sowed 70 hectares of land a day but with this technology, we could sow 200 hectares of land.  

There are currently 18 machines at this farm that are used for sowing. The machine can cover 37,000 hectares of land in a short period of time. The layout of the 500 hectares of land was included in an electronic map for the convenience of farmers. 


- First, we will significantly increase the productivity level, which is very important. Second, we will greatly save material resources, such as fertilizers, herbicides, as well as fuel and lubricants. Most importantly, the yield per hectare will increase by about 50 per cent or even twice.  

Farmers can now determine the crop area and send all the data via a satellite to seed-growing complexes. The digital equipment will automatically determine the required amount of fertilizers and herbicides per hectare of land, the soil water levels and the required depth for sowing.      


- The first program provides us with the location of the machine and the second program allows us to monitor the sowing process, including growth, temperature and moisture of the soil. 

There are currently four agricultural farms in the region that are digitalized including two farms that are part of the state project. According to agrarians, all the farms should switch to digital technologies in order to obtain larger yields.