Introducing digital technologies

World leaders in the digital technology industry showcased their software products at a specialized IT forum in Astana. The software is used not only in production, but also in banking and trade industries. Modern generation of entrepreneurs today solves daily problems just by a few clicks on the computer.


 - The platform for e-commerce allows to automate processes of interaction with customers. With the help of business-to-business (B2B) personal account, customers can see the status of their order items in a single window, the contract, the availability of goods, understand their personal discount and even calculate when the goods will arrive at the warehouse.

Representatives of the service sector and customs officials work with certain specialized documents that may be lost or falsified. Therefore, block chain technology is used to handle large data. According to world experts, the future technology will be the next stage of trade cooperation for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member countries.


- We offer a solution that allows automating this process and introducing a single distributed database based on the block chain system. All information about what happens to the cargo during transportation will be immediately recorded.

Today, second-tier banks also track digital trends. The technologies allow work optimization and better customer service.


 - Digital technologies can be used to quickly determine whether a customer fulfills the criteria to take a loan and to determine which customer can return the loan and which customer will delay the loan payment. Previously, we collected a lot of inquiries and questionnaires. The staff had to analyze all these by themselves and calculate the probability on whether the customer will pay the loan or defer the payment.

Qualified specialists are needed in order to effectively utilize the knowledge. An agreement was reached at the forum. As part of this agreement, teachers will begin teaching new technologies in one of the country's largest universities.