Priorities of e-government in Kazakhstan

The electronic government service, offers 235 services on its website and it has provided 200 million public services to the citizens of Kazakhstan over the past seven years. The number of its online users has increased by 650 times. In 2009, only 10,960 users were registered in However, there are more than seven million users receiving public services through the website today. Meanwhile, a new service called Telegram Bot has been launched for users’ convenience. The Telegram Bot allows users to receive four most popular services via Short Message Service (SMS). These services include document on proof of address, document on an individual’s participation in other legal entities, criminal record information as well as the presence or absence of real estate.


 - People can receive the four most popular public services on by registering their number in the personal account or via Telegram Bot or email. The verification code is sent via SMS. I think the four public services are just the beginning. In the future, we will have other services in this format.