Smart City technologies in Kazakhstan

There will be more than 600 smart cities on the planet by 2030. Five of the cities will be in Kazakhstan. Based on the Digital Kazakhstan state program, the developments of smart cities are planned in Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent and Aktobe. The smart component of the cities involves comfort, safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. For example, schools in Aktobe have switched to electronic textbooks under the Yel Aina project. Electronic health passports were also introduced in medical institutions.


 - We plan to integrate our information system with other systems. We also plan to introduce mobile applications as well as electronic patient records.

Meanwhile, the Safe City program focuses on ensuring public safety. Under the program, smart intersections technology will be implemented at bus stops and parking. In addition, 7,500 video cameras will be installed in residential buildings and public areas. The video cameras will be monitored by a single analytical center.


- The pilot project, Smart vehicles, is being actively implemented. This project provides traffic information, GPS-monitoring and service interval indication system. The mobile version of the project has been implemented.

The Smart City system in Karaganda is implied in both electronic tickets in public transport and energy saving pipes, and electronic workflow in state institutions. In Shymkent, smart technologies are gradually being used in 11 areas. For example,

The T-Hunter system assists employment of classroom teachers and vacancy in kindergarten are displayed on electronic website. In the next two years, the water supply system will be fully digitalized. 37 nodal points of distribution have been installed. The nodal points control the supply of drinking water. A feedback application service was also developed for subscribers.


- The website is valid. Email and Whatsapp for the services are working. The service includes settling technical conditions, calculating the water usage as well as charges for services and payment.  

The population in Shymkent will exceed two million by 2030, while Aktobe will have one million population. A single information system will be introduced where it contains all data of the facilities in the regions. A number of banks have expressed interest to cooperate under the Smart City project.