Thermal greenhouses were constructed in Almaty

Innovations are actively being introduced in greenhouse facilities in Kazakhstan, which in turn result in the stable development of the greenhouse industry. Thermal greenhouses were constructed in Almaty. Circulation of hot mineral water provides permanent microclimate in the facilities, which then contributes to the large amounts of harvest. Equipment in the greenhouses meets the international best practices standard. All of the mineral fertilizers are used based on a preset program.


- It is a low-capacity technology, where the vegetables are grown using artificial substrate as well as nutrient solutions with well-balanced nutrients. It is organic, because there are no nitrates. We give the plants only what they need.

The greenhouses produce almost twenty tons of vegetable crops every week. Cucumbers and tomatoes are not only sold in Kazakhstan but also exported to Russia. Experts plan to expand the area of the thermal greenhouses. Over the last two years, the facilities were built on 10 hectares of land in the region.


- This year, we are going to add another six hectares of greenhouses. We are discussing with investors on the expansion of the greenhouse areas. We have allocated 100 hectares for greenhouses, which are operated by three or four companies.

The first year-round greenhouse has started operating in the Karaganda region. Eco-friendly cucumbers are grown in the facility. Demand for products in the region is stable and organizers plan to increase the greenhouse areas to 700 square meters and expand the range of products.


 - Specialists from the Kazakh Agro Technical University in Astana visited us. Scientists shared their experience in this area. I was invited to take special courses in order to further modernize my greenhouse.

According to agrarians, the state support, innovative technologies and qualified personnel allows the active development of hothouses that produce vegetables in the country. As a result, there is a decrease in import and lower cost of fruits and vegetables.