New development: Qazaq Biking

A 63-year old Kazakh, Sain Sazanbayev has developed new training equipment to ensure that all body muscles would work while exercising. The avid cyclist combined a typical bicycle, an elastic tie and Nordic walking cane together. According to Sazanbayev, the new invention was created as he realized that his hands and back muscles do not work while cycling.


- With this device a cyclist doesn’t need to hold the bike rudder. Thus, the hands are free, it can be used during the work of the equipment. Now the hands are pressing the rod, the pedal and pulling. With this,  the biceps and triceps as well as muscles for the press are exercised.

Experienced fitness trainers recognizes the equipment’s effectiveness. Unlike other sport equipment, the new invention is safe and the weight of the cane is below 700 grams.


- The cyclist’s hands and legs are moving. In general, I would say it is a balanced device. It is very good for women. When a female cyclist holds the bike rudder, her back and hands are motionless. I think this device is a life hack!

Sain Sazanbayev patented his invention and named it the Qazaq biking. He is sure that both professional athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle will be interested in his new invention.